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Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy Flooring ChicagoDo you need an Epoxy floor? We know what consumers want as it pertains to flooring: unique, beautiful, durable, easy to clean, and long lasting. The traditional solution has been limited to wood, tile, carpet and stone. The truth is that these choices all have their shortcomings. Tile cracks easily and grout lines attract dirt and are a hassle to clean. Wood scratches easily and needs to be re-finished every few years. Carpeting stains and wears quickly. We provide the client a solution to those shortcomings while offering a unique alternative.


The reflector Enhancer Floor System is the hottest trend in residential and commercial flooring products. Why? No other flooring product combines the uniqueness, colors, and complexity that REFLECTOR Enhancer Flooring can provide. This is not your ordinary stained or polished floor.  CRETE-RITE llc, utilizes a patented colored powder that’s mixed into a premium epoxy coating. The now colored epoxy is then applied in an artistic pattern.  The color then settles into the epoxy at varying depths.  Additionally, the color is designed to inherently reflect light. These two unique characteristics provide a three dimensional look to the floor creating depth and complexity. The result is a seamless finish absent of traditional grout lines. In addition, the epoxy resins have a tremendous increase in tensile strength, compressive strength, and abrasion resistance compared to that of tile, hardwoods, and polished concrete.

PRE-COLORED EPOXY COATINGS – Chicago Land Epoxy Flooring

If what you want is more subdued, but with all the benefits Epoxy has to offer, we also offer Pre-Colored Epoxy Coatings. These coatings are offered in 14 beautiful colors. A perfect solution for residential, commercial, and municipalities. Pre-Colored Epoxy Coatings are the right solution for a custom, cost-effective, and durable floor.


Custom Concrete Staining and Epoxy Flooring in ChicagoWhat does your garage floor look like these days? It’s no doubt stained with oil, fluids, salt, cracked, uneven, or generally an eyesore. CRETE-RITE llc, installs EPOXY FLAKE FLOORS, using professionally formulated coatings to turn that floor back into a show room. Our products are 100% solid epoxies, polyurethanes and polyaspartic resins, engineered to be durable, stain-resistant, and low maintenance.
We provide complete customization, including colors, patterns, and designs. The possibilities are only limited to the imagination. Our products can be installed on new or existing floors with very little down time

Epoxy Flooring Chicago – Epoxy Flake Floor Process

The process for installing all 3 Epoxy Coatings are similar:

  • Cracks and uneven surfaces are repaired.
  • The floor is ground down to create a profile and open pores in preparation for the epoxy.
  • A self-leveling epoxy base coat is mixed and poured onto the floor.
  • A second coat of either epoxy, or in the case of flake, is applied.
  • A protective coating is applied.

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