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Concrete Staining

Do you need Concrete Stain?

What is Concrete Stain? Staining your new or existing concrete creates a rich look that simply cannot be achieved with traditional tile or wood floors.  Instead of the solid homogenous look paint creates, staining creates the opposite effect. The concrete is infused with tones that are luminous and translucent. Each surface produces a unique look. Application techniques can further enhance that uniqueness. Some of the different results include but are not limited to leather, stone, and  stained wood.

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Stained ConcreteStains generally come in 2 categories: acid-based and water-based.  Crete-Rite llc, uses both. Our professionally formulated acid based stain is considered a Reactive Stain. It’s comprised of hydrochloric acid, water, and metallic salts. Essentially, these ingredients force themselves down into the concrete and react with the lime that already exists. That reaction is unique to that particular concrete. Once the reaction takes place the concrete is permanently colored. There’s no fading, peeling, chipping, etc…

If subtle and subdued isn’t what you’re looking for then Crete-Rite llc, offers 2 water based stains. ULTRA-STONE™ is considered an “Antiquing Stain”. It creates an uneven, translucent, and aged appearance. The resulting look is very similar to that of natural stone. For a more uniform look we offer HYDRA-STONE™HYDRA-STONE™ comes in a wide array of colors to achieve a custom look or color match to existing wall or building colors.

Both stains penetrate and permanently color the concrete. They are resistant to sunlight and high traffic areas. This makes them an ideal solution for both interior and exterior applications. They may be applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces including counter tops and fireplace surrounds. Typical applications include, but are not limited to: Sidewalks, Driveways, Pool Decks, Patios, Shopping malls, etc…